Unique Art Gift Ideas - In Inspiration to Your Imagination

7 Unique Art Gifts Ideas – An Inspiration To Your Imagination

Fascinating and out of ordinary Art have always grasped my attention. I feel that there is something enigmatic and influential behind.

In my early 20s, I was very fortunate to be able to travel a lot to many different, exotic and exciting places.

Traveling has always been my passion. I remember as a little girl I was always fascinated by movies about tropical islands, and sailing in the ocean. Who wasn’t?

The question was how can I do it if I don’t have the money to travel the way I want?

One day, it was a Friday I still remember it hit me! I was going to join a Cruise Line Company so I can travel, at the same time get paid!

The problem was I had no idea how I would do that.
A year and a half later, after careful planning and convincing my parents I joined one of the largest cruise line companies in the world.

I can’t write the whole story here as I probably need to put it in a book but the most important thing for me was finding my way to travel, and I did it for five incredible years.

I was blessed with my position on board the ships as it gave me the opportunity always to go out and take tours to the different islands and places we have visited. I had enough time to explore and create many incredible moments along with exceptional people from all over the world.

So one of my obsessions was to go to local artist shops and spend time there enjoying the artisan crafted treasures.

I sure bought quite a few too – all from different places.

Unique art gift ideas or out of ordinary Artwork is an excellent way to impress someone who values and appreciates Art.

I am delighted to present few of many fascinating and out of ordinary Art, which makes an exceptional gift for your finest people in your life.

Novica Fair Trade Nature Folk Art Applique Wall Hanging from Peru, ‘Flamingos and Flowers’.

Unique Art Gift Ideas #1

Piece and color emanate from this delightful wall hanging, made in the traditional art of arpilleria (patchwork).
Each tiny figure is three dimensions and lavishly embroidered.

A display rod can be slipped through an opening at the top.

The artist’s name is Eleodora Salvatierra, and she was born in Cangallo-Cochapata province.
Her artwork reflects her ideas and feelings. She believes that Art is within us, and all we need to do is find a way to express it.

Eleodora partners with NOVICA to sell her Artwork and she is very grateful for this opportunity as it gives her the chance to provide a better live for her four sons.

I also would like to mention the power of colors since this lovely Art is filled with many bright and happy colors.

Color Therapy is well known to get you in a good mood and boost your health. Even if we are not aware of the effects colors have on a spiritual level surrounding yourself with colors would change your state of mind.

If you don’t believe me try leaving in a black and white environment for a while, and then quickly go to a place where you are surrounded by colors, and you will see the effect.

Remember the first time you went to the Carribean? If you’ve been there, you will notice that colors are everywhere, and your mood is never bad with a stress level of zero.

The Trade Nature Folk Wall hanging is an original gift which would touch the heart of a true Art lover.

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Novica Handcrafted Indonesian Wood Relief Panel, ‘Hibiscus Majesty.’

Unique Art Gift Ideas #2

The hibiscus is the flower of tropical majesty.
The meaning of hibiscus differs depending on the culture. Giving a hibiscus flower to the receiver acknowledges their delicate beauty.

Nyoman Karsa, the artist behind this beautiful wood panel, has been carving sculptures from ebony, suar, and hibiscus woods since 1987.

He shares that before creating a sculpture he first sees it in his mind then makes a draft on the wood pieces. After that, he is chiseling the initial form and detailing the parts. The last step of the process is smoothing and polishing.

Nyoman’s Wood Art is a beautiful artisan-crafted treasure that would make a wonderful gift!

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Novica Fair Trade Christianity Wood Metallic Relief Wall Panel, ‘Sacred Heart of Jesus’.

Unique Art Gift Ideas #4

The Sacred Heart was first venerated in the 11th-century monasteries. Devotion to the Sacred Heart is a dedication to Jesus himself.
The artist name is Juan Del Alcazar De Souza from Lima.

He works in repoussé, transforming warm copper into beautiful and expressive Artwork.
DAlcazarS, his artistic name, attended Santiago de Chile’s Art Institute after becoming fascinated with this type of work.

Truly unique art piece that with no doubt is one-of-a-kind.

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Novica Hand Crafted Wood Sculpture, ‘Inspirational Message.’

Unique Art Gift Ideas #4

Interesting idea of an abstract person with folded in prayer hands.
With this elegant sculpture, Francis Agbete explores the concept of spirituality.

He comes from a family of traditional wood carvers. He and his father have a workshop that is well known to tourists and hospitality companies.
They have showcased their designs at various wood fairs and international exhibitions such as the Ghana International Wood Product Fair, FESTAC at the International Festival of Arts and Culture, in Burkina, Faso.

This inspirational sculpture is an excellent way to remind us always to be grateful for what we have in our life. It would be a good idea each one of us to have it in place that you can see it daily and practice gratitude.

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Novica Handcrafted Gilded Wood Mirror (Medium), ‘Cuzco Sun’.

Unique Art Gift Ideas #5

The spectacular mirror frame is carved by hand from mohena, a Peruvian hardwood, covered with bronze leaf.

Jose Marcos Luzalde Rosales is a self-taught artist who began to work at the age of 17. He has been dedicated to his craft for over 35 years now.

His woodwork makes him feel good as it is a way of preserving an aspect of Peruvian artistry.

Give this dazzling sun mirror to someone who would enjoy its warm light flowing through its design.

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Novica Modern Wood Mask from Indonesia, ‘Sensuous Dreams.’

Unique Art Gift Ideas #6

A beautiful woman dreams of her loved one.
Thoughts swirl in arabesques to gently hug a peaceful portrait.

Wayan Rendah carves a magnificent mask, intensify but the wood’s richly grain.

His work has also been featured in Home Maker’s magazine, Sunset magazine and Keepers of the Arts, a beautiful hardcover book available through Novica.

He is from Bali and started learning to carve when he was just eight years old.

He had learned a variety of arts in Bali but carving a piece of wood provides him with supreme sensation.

Wayan shares that it gives him a great pleasure when one of his statues inspires somebody.

If you have to get a gift for someone who would love different, do not hesitate to pick up ‘Sensuous Dreams.’

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Novica Handcrafted Framed Marble Dust Tree of Life Relief Panel, ‘Tree of Life III’.

Unique Art Gift Ideas #7

Influenced by the paintings on ancient temples in India, artisan Shweta creates an impressive relief panel. Marble dust and Hand painted rich oil colors are applied, and each leaf and feather are carefully detailed.

The relief panel is laid out in a mango wood frame.

Shweta grew up making and enjoying a variety of beautiful things from rags and other materials.

Everyone loved her work, and she was pleased and motivated to continue with her passion.

When Shweta discovered marble dust painting, she realized that this is what she has been looking for so she can be completely satisfied with her work.

Shweta felt she reached her destination. Now she teaches other women, exhibit her work in different venues and partner with Novica so more people would enjoy her beautiful Marble Dust Art.

Her handcrafted marble dust tree of life would be a great addition to someone’s unique art collection.

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I hope you enjoyed reading about these great artists. Their artisan crafted treasures are genuinely an inspiration to your imagination. Feel free to use the unique art gift ideas in this post to show your love and care for that someone special in your life.

I would love to hear your comments or if you would like to share your story of giving or receiving a unique gift!

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  1. Love this website. It’s so hard to find that right gift for that special person and this is very helpful. My favorite page is the wine unique gift ideas. I will definitely share this with friends as this is one of the best websites I’ve seen in a while. Bookmarking this page now for future reference. I don’t see anything wrong. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Like you I like to travel and collect things from the different countries. I never did it by working on a cruise ship, good call on your part but still made my way around.

    What I like about this post is you offer an excellent way to be able to purchase unique items that could match up with where you’ve been without worrying about going over the allowable duties for what you can bring back from trips.

    I find sometimes there just is not enough time to do everything you would like and go shopping.

    Your Site could make some purchases a little easier.

    1. Thank you, Travis! My goal also is not to overwhelm anyone with too much information as at the end you still can’t make up your mind:)

  3. I love art especially when it is unique. I’m thinking of ways to decorate my new home and I think unique art is just the thing for it.
    I love trying to intepret the story a piece of art is all about. Those samples on your post look good, especially they wooden pieces.

    1. Thank you, Denise! I am glad you like it. I will be writing a post for unique home decor. I hope you will enjoy it and perhaps use some of the ideas for your new home!

  4. Hi Lena

    Good to see and search your website – For me it is easy to use since I do so often leave sites that become confusing.

    I really liked the gifts for men section – appeals to me and I know my wife will like it – when my family looks for gifts for me this is a site that I now can refer to

    I like the way you included the special acknowledgements – Good on you!

    Look forward to seeing the various subs complete ie Gifts for Gadget lovers, Gifts for Adventurers etc – would appreciate a note when they are complete.

    The only thing I would want to see less of is the “join my list” popup – Certainly not a negative but it does show up again pretty fast when I “X” it out. For me I would like it to quit showing up as often.

    Meanwhile – congrats on a pleasant experience visiting

    Henry (Zidor)

    1. Hi Henry,

      Thank you so much for your comments. Sorry for the not so pleasant experience with the ”Join my list” pop up. I made some changes so really appreciated the feedback. Glad you liked my website. As you saw I am still working on it and I will make sure I contact you once it is all complete. OR….you can Join my list:) and stay updated.



  5. Wow, these are such beautiful art gifts! I particularly like the wood sculpture that has the prayer hands. It reminds me of ‘Nemaste’ – the posture that we always do in the opening and closing of our Yoga practice. I have been wanting to get something nice for my instructor and this could be it. Thanks for sharing this site with us!

    1. Thank you, Cathy, for your comment! I am glad you like the gifts and you found one for your instructor. I hope my website would be helpful to other people too!



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