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5 Ways To Reinvent Your Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

Are you invited to a Graduation Party or Ceremony and you are looking for unique graduation gift ideas? No matter if you are in a search for college graduation gifts or high school graduation gifts I am sure you would love to find creative and exciting gifts that will leave a lasting impression.

Read below and find the five ways to reinvent your unique graduation gift ideas!

Graduation Day is an important day for every student and their families. It is a significant milestone that is forever remembered.

Some parents that were never able to receive an academic degree cherish this moment in a special way.

For the student, the Graduation day is the greatest accomplishment achieved so far in their life.

A graduation ceremony is a symbolic event, signifying their efforts, and achievements.

No matter if the graduation is from high school or a college it is for sure not an ending but more like a new beginning.

Graduation from high school is a new journey of self-awareness and discovering what it is that the student wants to accomplish in their life.
It might not be a very detail picture, but that is the time they are starting to realize what do they really want from college.

Graduation for college students is the beginning of the true life out there.

Their accomplishments and success in the college or university are significant for their parents as well.

Proud parents like to share their children’s academic achievements, as this is hard work, which will be rewarded in the future.

The road towards graduation is filled with all sorts of challenges, and that is why one cannot underestimate the importance of receiving an academic degree.

Another crucial moment, in my opinion, is carefully deciding what is it that you want to study.

Discovering your strengths and interests is not easy for some students. Many have interests, but they choose studies that are practical, not necessary their interest.

However the sooner you discover yourself and what it is you want to do the better for your and your future.

I have met many people through my travel years, and I can see how their decisions, actions and setting or not setting goals played a significant role in their life.

Sometimes when we realize we have made a mistake, or feel we are not on the right path, it is very normal to take a different turn even though it will slow us down.

More important is to reach our goal and purpose and when we look back to feel satisfied and content with our achievements.

So let’s take a look what is the proper etiquette when it comes to graduation parties?

If you are invited to the graduation ceremony or attending a graduation party, you would need to bring or send a gift.

Flowers are a thoughtful choice and can be given either after the ceremony or delivered to the graduate’s home.

Finding an original college graduation gift or high school graduation gift doesn’t have to be difficult.

Finding a gift that is meaningful, interesting and unique is our goal in this article.

People have different tastes, opinions on things, visions or just a way of selecting gifts, so the suggestions below are meant to help the ones who are looking to find a creative graduation gifts.

Silver Graduation Fortune Cookie

Unique-Graduatio Gifts Silver Fortunate Cookie

What a great idea to show a new grad that he has a bright future ahead of him!

This unique fortune cookie keepsake box has marvelous, polished silver finish and contains a personal fortune-inspiring message.

It opens on one side and can hold jewelry or novelties.

Another idea for this box is to stuff it with money before giving it as a gift.

Or if the person who loves to save fortunes this would be a great stocking stuffer.

Original, beautiful and creative gift and you should not have doubt that it will be liked!

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Then and Now Graduation Frame

Unique-Graduation Gifts Then Now Wall Photoframe

A very special frame showing then and now a photo that can be personalized with any message up to 25 characters per line, two lines.

Beautiful wood frame with inspirational words in the background, a laminate surface with black edges.

Do not hesitate to consider this fantastic personalized graduation gift!

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Law of Attraction Daily Life and Success Planner

Unique Graduation Gifts LawOfAttraction Planner

I love the creativity behind this planner.
I have tried utilizing my iPad, computer and phone but honestly paper planners are for me the best!

What a great gift to give to someone who is just starting their life journey. Setting goals would improve their life on every level.

The planner is designed to power your Subconscious Mind by applying eight easy steps – The Law of Attraction Roadmap.
From discovering your life purpose, creating a vision, setting your goals, building a plan, forming your vision board, knowing your priorities so you can set your mind for success.

Excellent planner, motivational book with clear and inspiring content, that covers all aspect of Law Of Attraction.

Keep in mind this is a 30-day planner to reprogram your unconscious mind and the affirmation, and gratitude help would guide you to your success.

The creating of vision board within the planner is a neat tool, and if you don’t believe in vision boards, I can assure you that they do help your desires to manifest in your life.

Few years ago I was in a difficult period of my life. I created a vision board and placed it on the wall next to my bed so I can see it when I wake up and before I go to sleep.

The board had seven pictures on it. 5 of them manifested in my life within four years.

If you believe enough and have that burning desire that Napoleon Hill talks about you will achieve and enjoy the reflections of your wishes.

I love this graduation gift idea as you are setting the right life path for someone who is just entering the real world and would appreciate the inspirational start.

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Personalized Solar Globe

Unique-Graduation Gifts Silver Rotating Globe

I love this Solar powered rotating globe as you can make a superb symbolic gift.

The engraved message can be inspirational words telling the receiver that they can conquer the whole planet for example.

Three solar panels supply power that keeps the Silver Globe rotating continuously on the top of its base. The engravable area is large enough for your distinctive message.

I believe that this unique graduation gift will leave a lasting impression!

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Fun Personalized Gunmetal Decision Maker

Unique Graduation Gifts Gunmetal Decision Maker

We all know how difficult can sometimes be making a decision.

Should I take the job? Should I quit my job? Should I ask for a rise?

Stressing over finding the right answer can be broke with this fun gift, and I think it will
be another unique graduation gift idea.

You can personalize it with a beautiful and inspiring message for when those doubt moments come.

The fun way of making a decision about your new career or just anything in your life.

It will ease the tension and create a relaxed atmosphere so it will help with making a real and essential decisions.

A terrific gift not only for graduates, which would easily become a hit!

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Thank you for reading! Now you can pick up your creative graduation gift and celebrate the grad’s endeavors as this is their big day of honoring their achievements.

Please share with us your unique gift story! Did you receive or gave one? How did you feel?

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12 thoughts on “5 Ways To Reinvent Your Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

  1. Hi there,

    Those are absolutely brilliant gift ideas not just for graduation but for life and different aspects of life in general. The silver rotating globe, how cool would that be for someone starting a new job at a travel agency or a family member heading out on a gap year/study year abroad or even taking a job abroad?

    1. Hi Derek and thank you for stopping by and commenting! I agree with you that those gifts can really be a great idea not only for graduates. Imagination would guide anyone who are truly looking for a unique gift!



  2. I love the silver fortune cookie! I’ve never seen anything like it. You’re right that it would be a fun gift if you stuffed it with money. It is also perfect for a graduation because it has an inspiring message and is a nice little memento for a big day! It can be hard to decide on a good gift for graduation because you want the gift to be meaningful. This is a great list!

  3. I remember when all my boys had graduated from High School and how they were weighted down with both Candy Leis and Flower Leis in the Modern Polynician Spirit.
    I remember their smiles and how they must of felt being the center of attention and treated as if they were royalty.
    It just shows us how important the little things we do as parents can create a long lasting impression on our siblings.

  4. Some of the selection you chose for graduation gifts are excellent. You covered a wide variation from something small and meaningful to be able to take easily with you anywhere to desk or table top display.

    The plaque with the before and after is one of my favorites you show for graduating. Some of the others I would even consider for other accomplishments as a gift.

    1. Hi Travis, and thank you for stopping by and commenting! I am glad you liked the selections. I agree, you can easily use those gifts for other occasions as well.



  5. Hi Lena,

    great post here… a topic a never really thought of until now. Some nice unique ideas here for when my son graduate next year! I personally like the fortune cookie haha… something different, just not sure if he will actually like it haha… he might rather a car instead 🙂

    Cheers again

    1. Hi, Mason and thank you for your comment! Hm, how about a fortune cookie inside the car:) Let him buy his own car one day with the money earned from the education you most likely paid for it. Save the money to treat yourself as you deserve it!



  6. Hi Lena,

    When i graduated from my university the first things i was asking was a Good Job with Good salary. Indeed, after years of working in the “real world” i finally understand the quote from Jim Rohn ” Work hard on Yourself than Your Job ” . Definitely love it! You are right! Letting the graduates learn to set Goals for all level of their life, building positive habits like affirmation and doing their vision board, will definitely fast track their success! I am the strong believer of ” give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and he will eat forever.” The best gift for ourselves, is the person we become 🙂

    1. Hi Patricia, and thank you for your comment! Setting up goals, having a vision of what your life want to be and staying a strong believer it is a very important start, indeed. That is why I think every Graduate should first focus on that. I have spoken with many people who have graduated long ago and they too share your thoughts. I hope more young people will realize that now before they dive in a the real world. It could only help them reaching their ultimate success!
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your opinion!

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