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5 Unique Baby Gift Ideas

Today I wanted to share with you 5 unique baby gift ideas. Buying a gift for a baby is not difficult at all, but getting something really interesting and not boring requires a little more imagination.

They are plenty of wonderful things for babies in our days. I remember when I was pregnant going to Babys R Us countless times, searching Amazon, reading reviews as this was my first baby and I had no clue what we need to get.

The way too many choices were often leaving me undecided and confused. Reading mixed reviews also contributed to my unsureness. Too much information and options didn’t make our buying-for-baby process easier.

Eventually, we settled on a bassinet, bouncer, crib, stroller and other necessary stuff to welcome our new addition to the family.

The truth for us was that after the baby was born, we found out what would we actually need regarding gear, carriers, and other necessities.

For example, in the beginning, I was thinking why would I buy a sling if I already received the Ergo Baby as a gift? It turned out that our baby was not a good sleeper, so we had to carry him in the Ergo Baby all the time as that was the only option for his naps. Then I started reading about how great slings are for this purpose and that it is more comfortable and beneficial for the baby to be in a kangaroo position inside the sling. Apparently this is a powerful and efficient way to carry the baby as it mimics the natural way of holding it and resembling baby’s position inside the womb.

So I got my Baby K’Tan sling, and that was one of my best purchases. My little boy LOVED napping there, and now I miss those moments when I had to carry him snuggled close to me.

Below I will show you few original baby stuff that we got after the baby was born.

My all time number one is the Baby Bjorn Bouncer

Baby-Bjorn-Bouncer BB

The video below shows  my son using the bouncer. I always say the person designed that bouncer is a genius and every mom expecting a newborn should absolutely get it!



Here is why.

  • The amusing rocking develops your baby’s motor skills and balance in a natural way. No batteries are required.
  • The ergonomic design of the bouncer gives newborns proper back and head support. The fabric is soft, and the seat is fitted, so it shapes itself to baby’s body and distributes baby’s weight evenly. This creates a snuggling feeling and proper care for the baby.
  • Another great feature is that you can quietly adjust the bouncer from the highest play position to the lowest sleep position. They are a total of 3 levels. Falling asleep it’s not difficult in that cozy bouncer!
  • Perfect for storage and travel as you can fold it completely flat.Baby Bjorn Bouncer

I can’t tell you on how many trips we took that bouncer with us. Going to restaurants was another place we used it a lot when he still wasn’t able to sit on
a high chair.We even took the bouncer with us to Europe and used it also on the beach. So many people came to ask where did we get it from.

Bottom line – awesome product have no doubts that this would make a great gift!

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The next pick is:

The Take With You Nightlight Orbs.
Nightlight Orbs Unique Gift

The three glowing orbs on the nightlight can be lifted from their base and carry them with you. Great to lighten the hallway on the way to the bathroom or check if there are any monsters under the bed.
The colored glow slowly fades after 30 min. Put them back on the three-armed pedestal to continue illuminating. Sliding a lever at the bottom adjusts the glow.
The orbs exterior remains cool to the touch and will not shatter if dropped.

Your child would be thrilled having those Nightlight Orbs!

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An excellent alternative to traditional baby bath tubs for small babies is our next selection.

Blooming Bath Flower

Blooming Bath Baby GiftThe Blooming Bath’s petals fit in any sink to cradle and safeguard the baby. Pleasant and luxurious experience for your little one. The enjoyment is also for the parents too as bath time is more relaxed as we all know how slippery baby can be. There is  no doubt the Blooming Bath is perfect bath experience for everyone.
We took our with us when traveled around for the weekend and were truly delighted how easy bathing a newborn was.

Definitely recommend this product!

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The next item brought smiles to many people faces, and it is

Munch Mitt Baby Teething Mitten

Munch Mitt Baby Teething Mitten

The fantastic solution that prevents the constant dropping of teething toys.
Protects hands from excess saliva and chewing, providing pain relief for teething babies. Functionality also includes adjustable strap and the mitten can be worn on either hand
Comes also with a travel bag.

When I first saw the Teething Mitten I was happily surprised that something like that exists.

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The last pick for this time would be:

Rubio Stroller Bike The Ruituo Mother & Baby Bike & Stroller

I wish I had found this earlier so I can take advantage and enjoy this one-of-a-kind stroller that converts to a bike.
This is a fun and safe way to bike with your child and benefit from exercising as well.
While we were vacationing on the coast, I saw a mom with this stroller/bike and she shared how much she loves her Ruituo. And yes she was in a great shape too!

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I hope you enjoyed reading. I believe those attractive baby  products would make impressive gifts and most important – they are practical and helpful for every new parent.
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10 thoughts on “5 Unique Baby Gift Ideas

  1. Hi, I like your concept and it is very helpful to know of your website, especially when you do not have the time to look for that special gift for some one special!
    I will for sure be coming to your site for a special gift idea!

    I enjoyed viewing your website very much.
    You have done an excellent job in putting it together.

    Wishing you awesome success!



    1. Thank you, Linda!
      I am glad you like my website. I am still working on putting it together and I enjoy doing that.
      Feel free to reach out if you need help with gift ideas:)
      Thank you!

  2. Love the Baby Bjorn Bouncer! Great detailed info and love the video of your son! Wondering if the cover is removable and washable? It looks as if it is, but just thought I’d run it by you. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions!

    1. Hi, Barb and thank you for stopping by and commenting on my post. Many people fell in love with the Baby Bjorn Bouncer and yes you are right the fabric is removable and washable. They even offer an organic fabric as well.

  3. Great gift ideas, Lena! I live in Bulgaria and have a small, beautiful grandchild – angel. I am pleased consider not only the children’s suggestions. Everything shown in this site is interesting. Congratulations and success!

    1. Hi Elena, and thank you very much for your kind comments! I hope you will keep visiting my website for more interesting and original gift suggestion. I am sure you are a happy grandma if you have a such a sweet grandchild! Have a great day!

  4. Hi Lena,

    A quick question: do the Nightlight Orbs come in a variety of colours, or do they have a colour change feature?

    BTW: They seem to add a very pleasing effect to the nursery.

    1. Hi, Lek and thank you for reading and commenting on my post. The Orbs base has a sliding lever in the bottom that fixes the glow of any desired color or sets the lights to cycle through the full rainbow. I think this is an excellent gift that can also spark off kid’s imaginative mind:)
      Regards, Lena

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