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25 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Unique People

25 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Unique People

25 unique Christmas gift ideas for unique people and how to make an everlasting impression.

Do you need some inspiration for this holiday season? Are you looking for bright ideas and would like to stay away from boring stuff?

Find your perfect gift with our holiday gift guide. Surprise the people you most love with unique and exceptional gifts and leave a lasting and beautiful memory.

When it comes to buying gifts for Chrimstmas you have an endless options. Our needs and interestes are so diverse.

Take a look at  the best holiday gift guide for unique gifts brainstorming.  It is created for those who are looking for something fresh and original this season.

Have you ever received a gift so unique that left you speechless? You still remember that moment, right? And you felt not only very special but loved. Because anyone who takes the time to find something really exeptional for you does love you!

Let’s review some original gift ideas now!

1. The Thomas Kinkade Crystal Candle.

The beautifully handcrafted of multifaceted genuine crystal musical candle is inspired by ”Painter of Light” Thomas Kinkade. The interior illuminated village is circled by a miniature moving train. Dust, glittery snow, and a Christmas carols play, including Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas and creates a wonderful festive spirit and perfect accent piece!


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2. The Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Animated Centerpiece.

Another great Illuminated and animated centerpiece, which adds Christmas spirit and brings a holiday joy. A collection of Christmas carols and amazingly crafted details makes this centerpiece a perfect present!
It comes with a lifetime guarantee as well, so shop with confidence!


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3. The Tabletop Fireplace.

Very pleasant and occasional substitute for wood or gas fire.  It adds ambiance, warmth, and charm. The surface is stable enough and gives a comfort without the smells or sparks. The tabletop fireplace uses recycled liquid ethanol and it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The unit has a stainless steel burner, and it is between two panes of tempered glass. The heat is generated upwards so no worries on your fine wood finishes. Truly beautiful and sleek design creating lovely glow and ambience! Definitely, makes it to the list of a unique Christmas gift ideas!


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4. Reindeer Candy Dish

This beautiful Nambe bowl creates holiday spirit. Add red and green candies to bring a complete your decor. It is on sale now so don’t miss out!


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5. Winter Wonderland Interactive Advent Calendar

This wonderfully crafted advent calendar marks 25 days of wonder with 25 pockets for treats. Plus, there are eight cute little plush characters the kids can attach anywhere on the tree. Available from www.personalcreations.com


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6. Dear Santa Message Plate Set.

How exciting is to leave Santa a message? He might even write back!
Made from ceramic, includes soapstone chalk and it is food safe.


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7. Carved White Stone Nativity Egg Sculpture Peru, ‘Holiday of Peace and Love.’

The white huamanga stone sculpture embassies an exceptional nativity scene. The artist name is Juan Licas, and he is a carver who works with Huamanga stone, a mineral obtained from mines in the central and southern regions of Peru.
Absolutely unique gift!


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8. Artisan Crafted Peruvian Retablo Nativity Scene, ‘Christmas Lullaby’.

Erika Ulloa crafts this wooden box and paints it in bright colors. The figures it the beautiful native scene are carefully modeled from clay and painted by hand. Includes free gift wrap for the Andes, Novica gift message card, and Artist story card.


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9. Copper Vase with Sterling Silver Detailing Crafted in Mexico, ‘Rose of Morelia.’

Handcrafted by hand and calmly hammered floral motifs onto shape makes this startling vase one of a kind.
Olympia and Pepe Barba are the artists who created this copper and silver beauty.


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10. Handcrafted Mango Wood and Pewter Candleholders (Pair), ‘Summer Clover’.

Jaifah Aksornsri turns mango wood into two elegant candleholders and adds a line summer clover in pewter. Hurricane lamps guard the tea lights in this delightful design.


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11. Wood Accent Table, ‘African Giraffes.’

The beautiful images of the two giraffes support this original accent table. Hand-carved and painted by Samuel and Francis Agbetey. Incredible design and functionality!


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12. Set of 3 Modern Metallic Green Hand Blown Glass Bowls, ‘Chrome Lime.’

Javier and Efrén create each beautiful piece individually, making every item a unique model of blown-glass art. They preserve the traditional hand blown glass artwork and add a sense of modernity.  Remarkable design with unique metallic green glow makes this set of bowls an attractive and original gift.

unique-christmas_gift_ideas_glassbowlsBuy Here


13. Skoop Dessert Set.

Style and bright personality are covered in stainless steel. The elegant design of the desert set is sure to please any person with great taste and love for original ideas.


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14. Scoop Server.

The award-winning Scoop Server is an effective and modern combination of the classic chip and dip. A smaller container hangs over the larger bowl in an elegant arc.
Another wonderfully designed product of Nambe.


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15. Copper Canyon Trinket Box.

Excellent gift for giving and receiving, this dear trinket box is the perfect place for your favorite treasures.
It is designed from copper-coated Nambe Allow with transparent protective coating.


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16. Vino Violin Travel Set.

Interesting and orignal gift. A unique way to carry your wine to parties or to impress that first date!


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17. Himalayan Salt Plate and Holder.

Next on our list for unique Christams gift ideas is the thick, hand-cut pieces of mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt. It adds incredible flavor to your food!  You can use them on the grill, or chill them for a lovely way to serve sushi, appetizers and more. Naturally anti-microbial and easy to clean.
Mastering gourment grilling techniques for adding flavor by using a salt plate guarantees to achieve a unique and delicate food taste.


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18. Karen Didion Wine Delivery Santa.

Do you want Santa to delivers your wine?

Make sure you tell him that before the holidays or if you know someone who would enjoy this special delivery order from www.wineenthusiast.com


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19. Personalized Chateau Wine Bottle Salt and Pepper Mill Set.

Personalize this beautiful set as a special gift. Company clients, weddings or friends and family who enjoys the wine you will impress them with this fabulous counter-to-table mill.


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20.  Men’s Sterling Silver Bracelet, ‘Silver Dragon.’

In Balinese art, dragons are considered divine. Wayan Asmana’s creation presents a sterling silver bracelet inspired by these creatures and filled with legendary mystique.


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21. Unique Floral Fine Silver Beaded Pearl Jewelry Set, ‘Iridescent Gray.’

Sandra and Lily created a unique gray pearls jewelry sets.
From this marvelous necklace and earnings stream exotic beauty and elegance.
Give it as a gift for someone special who brings a joy in your life.


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22. Handcrafted Wood Wine Bottle Holder, ‘Hostess.’

Gracefully carved from Balinese suar wood, this unique wine bottle holder is a perfect gift for any wine lovers! Made in Bali from the artist Made Wirata. Includes free gift wrap, gift message card and artist story card.


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23. Unique Sterling Silver 925 Ballpoint Pen with Cartridge, ‘Alas Kedaton.’

The elegant handmade ballpoint pen resembles motifs from traditional Balinese jewelry. Handcrafted from sterling silver the pen is both polished and oxidized. A sophisticated present for home and office. The pen uses Parker refill ink cartridges.


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24. Unique Christianity Applique Folk Art Wall Hanging, ‘Christmas Star.’

The lavishly embroidered in three dimensions art wall hanging is for those who prize original art. It illustrates a nativity scene with a Peruvian setting. One of those unique Christmas gift ideas that many artistic people would enjoy.


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25. Blue Topaz and Sterling Silver Stacking Rings, ‘Tree Frog.’

Since we are looking for unique Christmas gift ideas let’s take a look at this truly unique and fabulous ring. Guarantees you will get compliments every time you wear it. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind jewelry, this is one of them.
The ring is created to be worn together or separately; a third ring is set with faceted blue topaz, which represents December´s birthstone. Kadek Hendra crafts this elegant trio.


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Unique Christams gift ideas are everywhere but it takes time to discover them. I hope you enjoyed this selection and perhaps found your perfect present!

Happy Holidays!

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