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20 Incredibly Useful Whiskey Lovers Gifts

20 Incredibly Useful Whiskey Lovers Gifts

20 incredibly useful whiskey lovers gifts and how to impress classy people.

Do you have a someone close to you who happens to love whiskey?
Knowing what our friends and relatives enjoy in life is a key, and makes brainstorming for gift ideas much easier.

I always look for original gift ideas because I love finding and giving unique and exceptional gifts.

Our mission today is to discover best whiskey lovers gifts.

Finding new and exciting gifts doesn’t have to be a struggle.

I have received quite a few comments from people who want to find that perfect present and don’t like to walk hours from store to store in the mall. Spending time online searching through hundred of items, is not their passion either and leaves them more confused and undecided.

I have created this gift guide for original and interesting whiskey lovers gifts to help those who’s goal is to discover the perfect present for someone special who loves enjoying this dark spirit.

And what if that person likes bourbon or scotch or rye?

What is the difference between those spirits?

What is Whiskey?

Whiskey is distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grains. Barley, corn, rye, and wheat are used in the grain mash. The difference between the many whiskeys relies essentially on the type of grains.

What is Scotch?

Scotch is a grain whiskey made in Scotland. Malted barley is the key component. All Scotch whiskey has to be aged in oak barrels for at least three years.

What is bourbon?

Bourbon whiskey must be made from at least 51% corn as a grain mixture.
Bourbon can only be labeled as Bourbon if it is made in the United States. Similar to how Scotch must be made in Scotland.

What is Rye?

The Rye is usually produced in Canada. The majority of the mash includes rye, but this is not always the case.
There is also American Rye Whiskey which must be made from at least 51% of rye mash.

I will not go into more details as the purpose of this article is not to discover all the differences between the various type of whiskey. We are here find a perfect gift for those who enjoys this drink.

Let’s start with few unique discoveries in the category ”Whiskey Glasses”.

Robbie Rodin Luxury Enameled Whiskey Glasses

Robbie Rodin enameled, and hand-colored glassware holds fine European traditions of glass-making technology. Excellent combination of contemporary design with the use of unique colored enamel and crystal. Creating practical and embellishing pieces has become a signature of the brand. Robbie Rodin enamel goes through a long-term development process, to maintain the color and quality of products. They are 160 different stages to complete by the highest talented glass artisans. Swarovski crystals, beautiful colors, and romantic French style is the Robbie Rodin design philosophy.

Do you need something unique and beautiful for a gift? This fantastic product will attract all looks of your family or friends!

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey glasses3whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey glasses3_1

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Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glasses

Normann Copenhagen is well recognized for their unique glassware.  This set of 2 designer whiskey glasses is a treasure to add to any collection.  With their beautiful form and smooth feel, they would for sure impress everyone. The Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glasses are a fine gift that combines elegance and functionality. The central bubble of each glass keeps the ice elevated. Made from the highest quality glass, with a stunning look this set would be an exceptional gift!

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey glasses1 whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey glasses1_1

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Cristalleria Fratelli Fumo – Crystal Whiskey Glasses with 24K Greek Key Gold Trim, Made in Italy.

These beautiful glasses are another striking addition to your bar or drinkware collection. Crystal clear heavyweight glasses are embellished with the Versace inspired double-sided 24K zig-zag pattern. The set is a  thoughtful gift for weddings, birthdays, housewarming, graduations, anniversary.

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey glasses2

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SHTOX Roulette Rotating Glass

Shtox is a unique whiskey glass, which can spin on the table. Take a glass, empty or full, put it on the table and with a slight rotational gesture of your hand give the glass a movement and watch it spin!

Impress your guests with this high-quality crystal and refined elegance. Produced by Nachtmann factory in Germany with worldwide recognition.

One of the whiskey lovers gifts perfect for a man who has everything already!

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey glasses4whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey glasses4_1

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Homestia Unique Glassware Double Wall Old Fashioned Whiskey Decorative Rocks Glasses

Outstanding high quality tempered glass, highly brilliant transparency with a thickened bottom for a firm and steady use.

These glasses are not only classy; they are very durable for everyday use as well.

Homestia Unique Glassware has a great temperature resistance, therefore, is suitable for both hot and cold beverages.

Unique art design and exceptional look for every bar collection!

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey glasses5

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 Sempli Cupa-Rocks Clear Whiskey Glasses

The unique design of these glasses was created by Daniele Semerano and combines Italian elegance and Swedish simplicity.

Hand-blown and lead-free crystal ensure you the highest quality.

Entertain your party guests with those swirling rotation glasses! Enhance the taste of your whiskey while you comfortable holding them.

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey glasses6_1

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After reviewing unique whiskey glasses, designs let’s move on to whiskey decanters as another way of finding a perfect present for your whiskey lover.

Whiskey Decanter with Antique Ship

Beautiful and classy. The etched globe lead-free glass, the antique ship encased in the decanter and the mahogany stained wood display make this decanter an exceptional gift!

whiskey lovers gifts whiskey decanter ship

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This decanter comes in two other variations which make it an excellent present for your special person.

Whiskey Decanter with Antique Car

whiskey lovers gifts whiskey decanter car

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Whiskey Decanter with Antique Plane

whiskey lovers gifts whiskey decanter plane

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Zodiac Incline Whiskey Decanter

What an interesting idea for whiskey decanter! Handmade and wonderfully balanced. Made from lead-free glass and has a beautiful crystal stopper.

Futuristic and stylish, you pick!
whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey decanter1

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Diamond Whiskey Decanter

Great aesthetics and attractive design.
A collectible decanter that’s as functional as it is beautiful!

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey decanter2

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Glass Decanter with Stainless Steel Spigot

Remarkable made, functional and useful.

Superb idea for a gift. High-end look, rustic and for sure a conversation maker!

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey decanter3

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Horse Shape Decanter

This decanter is a fascinating take on a liquor decanter. Detailed design, excellent idea and definitely a show-stopper!

A unique gift that would surely grab any attention!

whiskey lovers gifts whiskey decanter horse

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Now let’s take a look at few Unique Whiskey Lovers Gifts Sets.

Crystalize Cut Crystal Whiskey Set with Wood Tray

Have your drink in style with this elegant and classy set. An essential part of any fine bar.

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey giftset1


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Ashcroft Fine Glassware Gift Set

Stunning design and a true show-stopper! This gift set is lead-free and dishwasher safe. It also comes in a beautiful gift box.

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey giftseticeberg2

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey giftseticeberg1

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Jack Daniel’s Wooden Barrel Puzzle 9pc

This fun and an original puzzle is next on our list for great whiskey lovers gifts.

The nine-piece puzzle set opens to reveal a replica of famous Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Bottle.

The gift box is included.

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey giftset2

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey giftset2_1

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Bullet Whiskey Stones Beverage Chillers

Unique stainless bullet design, excellent for all types of whiskey glasses and guaranteed not to scratch the glass with fabulous looking gift box and storage bag!

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey giftset3

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Jack Daniels Barrel Flask Gift Set

Jack Daniel’s officially licensed product Crafted in stainless steel. 

Truly a great gift to add to a collection!

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey giftset4

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Etched Golf Whiskey Glasses and Decanter Set

This set consists of a whiskey decanter with stopper and four rocks glasses with different golfer etchings. Each piece is handmade, and the etching is created through a unique multi-layered, sand-carved process.

Looking for a gift for a whiskey lover who happens to be a golfer to0? This set would be the perfect present guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

whiskey lovers gifts whiskey golf

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Engraved Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Bootleg Kit and Oak Barrel Mug Gift Set

One of the whiskey lovers gifts that involve experimenting and having fun at the same time.

The gift set includes 1 Liter charred oak barrel with bung, spigot, stand, instructions, a paper funnel; a full one-liter oak barrel mug; logo shot glass and engraved keychain flask with a mini funnel.

The oak aging barrel is beautifully laser engraved with “Kentucky Bourbon Private Reserve.”

whiskey lovers gifts unique whiskey giftset6

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I hope my whiskey lovers gifts selections would help those looking to add that extra special touch when looking for a perfect present.

Would love to hear which one is your favorite!

For more interesting and unique gift ideas (just in case your whiskey lover is a wine lover too) check my post – Every Wine Enthusiast Would Appreciate Those 5 Unique Wine Gift Ideas.

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Thank you for reading! Post your comments below. I enjoy receiving and reading them!
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6 thoughts on “20 Incredibly Useful Whiskey Lovers Gifts

  1. I love whiskey, so I’m glad I came across your article here. People often ask me what I’d like for Christmas, so with that time of the year rolling around shortly, I’ll be able to rattle off a while bunch of ideas after seeing what you have laid out here. I think I’m leaning towards the Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glasses as my #1 choice. If someone asks what I want I’ll be sure to send them to your article.

    1. Hi, Darren and thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. I am glad you liked my gift ideas, and I am happy that you found your gift! Normann Copenhagen Glasses are indeed very classy and beautiful! Happy Holidays and don’t forget to send Santa my article:)



  2. Hi Darren,
    My dad loves Whiskey and some of these will make great gifts for him. I didn’t know that you can only call a scotch a scotch if it was made in Scotland and a Bourbon in the States. I loved the bullet beverage chillers. Do you know how much they cost?

    1. Hi Celeste, the lowest price you can find the bullet beverage chillers is around $56.00.

      Thank you for your comment!



  3. This was some useful information. i really never knew the difference between the alcoholic drinks and those definitions helped me with that. The glasses look really pretty and seem like a perfect gift for a family this Christmas. I think I would go for one among these and that would make one great gift for my neighbors. Thanks for the great info.

    1. Hi Shrey,

      I am glad you liked the gift ideas and seems like you have found your pefrect gift for Christmas!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!



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